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General / Prosody




Metrical feet


Words are divided to syllables. Lines of verse are divided to metrical feet, each containing 2 to 5 syllables. Below are the various kinds of metrical feet.


Two syllables

Short Short                       Dibrach (δίβραχυς)

Short Long                        Iamb (ίαμβος)

Long Short                         Trochee (τροχαίος)

Long Long                         Spondee (σπονδείος)


Three syllables

Short Short Short             Tribrach (τρίβραχυς)

Long Short Short              Dactyl (δάκτυλος)

Short Long Short             Amphibrach (αμφίβραχυς)

Short Short Long             Anapest (ανάπαιστος)

Short Long Long             Bacchius (βάκχειος)

Long Long Short             Antibacchius (αντιβάκχειος)

Long Short Long             Αmphimacer (αμφίμακρυς)

Long Long Long              Molossus (μολοσσός)


Four syllables

Short Short Short Short        Tetrabrach (τετράβραχυς), or proceleusmatic

Long Short Short Short          First paeon (παίωνπρώτος)

Short Long Short Short          Second paeon (παίωνδεύτερος)

Short Short Long Short          Third paeon (παίωντρίτος)

Short Short Short Long           Fourth paeon (παίωντέταρτος)

Long Long Short Short            Major ionic or double trochee

Short Short Longt Long           Minor ionic or double iamb

Long Short Long Short            Ditrochee (διτροχαίος)

Short Long Short Long             Diiamb (διίαμβος)

Long Short Short Long             Choriamb (χορίαμβος)

Short Long Long Short              Antispast (αντίσπαστος)

Short Long Long Long               First epitrite (επίτριτοςπρώτος)

Long Short Long Short              Second epitrite (επίτριτοςδεύτερος)

Long Long Short Long               Third epitrite (επίτριτοςτρίτος)

Long Long Long Short               Fourth epitrite (επίτριτοςτέταρτος)

Long Long Long Long                Dispondee (δισπονδείος)





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