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Painters and sculptures / Pablo Picasso




Pablo Picasso
(Spain, 1881-1973)
p0899                            P9423 
     Musician Faun, nymph carrying goat                                          Bacchante,                         
              and dancer with tambourine                                               Sculpture, gold,                      
 (Faune musicien, nymphe porteuse..),                                          14 cm height,                   
Drawing, ink on canvas, 37.7 x 19.7 cm,                                                 1960                         
1948 approx.                                                                                   
Bacchanal with goat and spectator (Bacchanale avec chevreau et spectateur),
Print, egraving, linoleum cut, color, 52.7 x 63.7 cm, 1959   
p1129                   P9910
              Fauns and goats (Faunes et chèvres),               Bacchanal with black bull (Bacchanale au taureau noir), 
        Print, on linoleum in colors, 52 x 63.8 cm,                 Print, linoleum cut printed in colors, 53 x 64.2 cm,
The fauns' dance (La danse des faunes),
Print, lithograph, 41 x 53 cm, 1957
The dance (La danse),
Drawing, felt pens, 23.5 x 31.5 cm, 1959
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